Sunday, 9 December 2012

How do animal protect themselves from extreme weather ?

The animals have special characteristics to protect them from extreme weather. These include: thick layer of fat under the skin, thick fur or food and water stored in the form of body fat. Animals living in very cold habitats have a thick layer of fat under their skin. The whales, dolphin, polar bear and penguin keep their body warm with the help of the fat under their skin.

Some animals have special behavior that helps them to adapt to very hot or cold weather conditions. These include: wallowing in mud or water, migrating to a new habitat or hibernating. Some animals wallow in mud or water to keep their body cool on hot days. Buffaloes and rhinoceroses wallow in mud to keep their body cool on a hot day. Hippopotamuses wallow in water, for example in a river or lake to keep their body cool. This behavior also helps them to reduce loss of water from their body. Swallows and white storks adapt to changes in the seasons by migrating to new habitats. These birds migrate to warmer regions before when the place that they are living in starts to experience winter. During winter, the habitats of these birds will be very cold. It is also very difficult for these birds to find food or water during winter. By migrating to warmer regions, these birds avoid dying of cold or hunger. 


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